Howdy! Outlaw Bullets provides high quality cast lead bullets to the Cowboy Action community and beyond.


Do you like to shoot a lot?

If you shoot a lot then chances are you are reloading your own cartridges. That makes sense economically. During the past few years even component prices have been going up.

Well, there’s good news on the horizon.

Outlaw Bullets is bringing down the cost of bullets.

We have a talent for finding good quality lead at great prices.
We are passing on the savings to our customers.

Some folks have asked Why don’t you just sell at the higher price and make more money?
Good question. Answer is that’s not the Cowboy Way as we see it.
Are we against makin’ money? Absolutely not. But we’re not against folks saving a little either.

If you shoot a lot, try saving a lot with Outlaw Bullets.

Shoot ’em like you stole ’em!

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